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Your test and inspection partner

As experts in metal packaging, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. We’re lucky enough to have some of the world’s finest engineers developing first class solutions to ensure the quality of your canning line.

Across our family of brands - including Eagle Vision, Quality By Vision, and CMC-KUHNKE - we've been supporting the metal packaging industry for almost a century.

Our expert product teams are continuously striving to discover new and relevant solutions – and this has allowed us to create a wealth of instruments exclusively for the aerosol market.

Across our product range, we have equipment designed for all types of aerosol cans – so whether you’re looking for test and inspection solutions for monobloc cans, 2 piece, or 3 piece cans, we can help.

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Your aerosol testing solutions

From burst testing, to seam inspection, to curl inspection, we have the equipment for you.
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Quality By Vision MDA-100

Throughout this booklet, you'll learn that we have a lot of equipment on offer for aerosol testing. But there’s one piece in particular that we’d love to tell you a little more about – the MDA-100, a multi-dimensional gauge for aerosol cans.

This instrument offers a truly unique solution for aerosol can manufacturers – with the ability to automatically measure all points of interest on your can, there’s no gauge like this available elsewhere.

Not only is the MDA-100 easy to use, and not only does it offer highly accurate results, the automatic solution will conduct measurements in less than a second – instantly presenting the dimensions that are out of specifications according to your standards.

No longer do you need to waste significant amounts of time manually measuring points of interest - the gauge can measure three sections of a can within ten seconds! With our solution, you can save time while achieving highly precise, tamper-free results due to our smart technology.

Our fool proof, advanced technology is a real game changer – this gauge will give you the power to positively impact the way you operate your aerosol canning line moving forward.

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MDA-100 Multidimensional Gauge for Aerosol Cans

Discover a truly unique product for aerosol testing!
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Quality By Vision MDE-100

While the MDA-100 is a truly unique instrument, that's not all – we’ve also created the counter part to the MDA-100 in the form of our MDE-100, a multi-dimensional gauge created exclusively for can components. As with the MDA-100, you can receive speedy results in under a second for your can tops and bottoms!

It's an accurate, user friendly, and affordable system that automatically measures and records all important physical dimensions on the complete range of aerosol ends – both tops and bottoms.

The system measures all dimensions in less than a second, displays the results on the screen and shows the operator which of the dimensions are out of specifications. The MDE can measure three sections of an end in under 10 seconds and the results are completely tamper-proof. 

It's perfect for two-piece and three-piece aerosol can makers and component manufacturers.

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Double seam inspection

Discover our range of seam inspection solutions.
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Affordable. Accurate. Reliable. Our seam inspection solutions are compliant with regulators and offer you low cost of ownership.

With world class R&R, you'll be supported by a network of local service experts who can ensure your equipment is always ready to provide you with the best results.

Continue reading to discover the equipment we have on offer for 2 piece and 3 piece aerosol cans


The feature rich SEAMScan package comes with three different elements:

  • Visionary QC™ SPC software - the Visionary QC™ software offers an easy-to-use method of statistical process control – allowing you to quickly and effectively analyze your data to discover trends across the can inspection process
  • Visionary Seam Imager - using a high-resolution USB camera and precision optics, the Visionary Seam Imager allows you to accurately capture images of your seam – and with an integrated multiplexer you can connect up to six different gauges
  • SEAMview™ inspection software - Our SEAMview™ inspection software allows you to capture, measure, and save seam images in less than a second! This is a fast, easy, reliable, and affordable method of seam inspection software.
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Quality By Vision SEAMetal HD

SEAMetal HD for Aerosol is the high definition version of our SEAMetal system – the most widely used, repeatable, and accurate double seam measurement system in the world.

Utilizing a new and highly accurate optical technology, coupled with easy to learn and intelligent software, the SEAMetal system offers the most flexible solution for double seam testing that you can get your hands on in today’s marketplace.

Now with SEAM doctor, SEAMetal 6 will not only determine faulty measurements but also assist you in determining the root cause and assist you in correcting those pesky seamer issues!

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Quality By Vision TBS-LSS Saw

At Industrial Physics, we believe that each type of can should have its own custom design double seam saw - this takes into consideration the materials and complexities of the specific aerosol can type in question.

For us, using the same double seam saw for an aerosol can as you would for food cans isn't good enough - thanks to the expertise of our engineers, we've discovered various techniques that allow you to significantly reduce the measurement inaccuracies that such a saw can produce.

The manual aerosol twin blade saw was designed after a lengthy research process into the optimal technology to produce the most accurate and least deformed cut possible today.

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Burst testing

Discover how we can help you to check the pressure of your aerosol can and can end.
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CMC-KUHNKE Aerosol Can Burst Tester ABT-3100

Designed for use on monobloc, 2 piece, and 3 piece aerosol cans, the ABT-3100 is a semi-automated burst / buckle tester designed to check the pressure at which the aerosol can end will buckle, and the pressure at which the aerosol can will burst.

With an auto-start function, the test won't begin until the door is secured. Thanks to the quick-fill technology, pressure will build rapidly to a pre-determined point, then slow down the time rise of the measurement window. 

Automatic data exporting functionality makes this an easy to use instrument. Pair this with the fact that no change parts are required and the ABT offers a user-friendly solution. What's more, additional adapters are available for monobloc, PET bottles, aluminum bottles, and aerosol cans with non-standard openings.

With 60 fully customizable test types, this is the perfect solution for your burst testing needs.

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Preventative maintenance

We can help to stop any seaming issues in their tracks...
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Quality By Vision Clearance Gauge

Can you imagine a tool that takes the guesswork out of seamer setup, improves seam integrity, and increases uptime while making changeovers considerably faster? You've been thinking about the Quality By Vision Clearance Gauge.

Right now, many companies are using feeler gauges or wire gauges to try and determine if there is enough distance between the roll and chuck. But we've made things a lot easier.

Introducing the world's first and ONLY optical seamer setup system! With this gauge, it's easy to both see and understand the roll-chuck relationship, profiles, and bearings. Our innovative solution prevents microleaks, sharp seams, high seam gaps, and other critical defects that compromise the seam.

This gauge is perfect for use on both 3 piece and 2 piece aerosol cans.

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About Industrial Physics

Your test and inspection partner.
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At Industrial Physics, we’ve been providing test and inspection solutions to manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories across the world for almost 100 years. It’s our purpose to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands and products.

How do we do this? By providing the highest quality of test and inspection solutions that assure the quality of your packaging, materials, and products.

But for us, this is about more than just supplying you with testing equipment, it’s about being there for you as a full-solutions partner. Whatever your needs are, we’ll work with you to find the right option for your business.

We have a full team of experts to support you. We offer a full suite of solutions to cover an extensive range of testing requirements to ensure perfection in aerosol can manufacturing.

It's our innate desire to continuously learn, innovate, and better ourselves that allows us to provide businesses across a diverse range of industries with the highest quality of test and inspection solutions possible.

Our experts are positioned across the world. And through our collective expertise, we're able to support the unique needs of our customers.

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Industrial Physics

Your test and inspection partner