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Seam inspection solutions

Discover our extensive range of seam inspection equipment

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As experts in packaging, product, and material integrity testing, we've learned a thing or two over the years.

At Industrial Physics, we have the finest seam inspection engineers on the planet here - ready to develop innovative seam inspection instruments that will ensure your canning line can protect itself against product defects.

With a variety of solutions on offer depending on your specific needs, we can help. Take a look at the broad range of solutions we have on offer...

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Quantitative measurement

Learn about our process control seam inspection solutions!

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Our state-of-the-art Auto XTS instrument offers a double seam inspection solution like no other – there truly is no instrument like it available. The instrument has been created by CMC-KUHNKE, one of the brands sitting under global test and inspection provider Industrial Physics – this tool is perfect for the beer, beverage, and food market.

Used by some of the biggest beverage manufacturers on the planet, the Auto XTS is a fully automated online or stand-alone measurement system that provides non-destructive complete double-seam inspection for beverage fillers.

The instrument combines the internal X-ray seam measurements of the CMC-KUHNKE SEAMscan XTS with a second station to carry out external measurements. Combining this into one robust unit allows the user to achieve faster inspection results and experience reduced labor costs.

An interesting thing to note about the Auto XTS is that after some minor engineering tweaks, the instrument will soon be able to test food cans as well as beverage cans – making the instrument even more versatile. Our solution is washdown-proof and able to handle any can size without needing to change parts.

Brought to life by the finest seam inspection experts in the world, the Auto XTS is fully customizable to your needs and allows you to select cans for inspection in a way that best suits each individual operator – making it a true game changer for quality control in metal packaging. With repeatable and reliable results on offer, the solution is fully automated and takes away the need for personnel – perfect for operators given the current context of the pandemic right now.


Unlike the autonomous Auto-XTS, the CMC-KUHNKE SEAMScan XTS is an offline instrument that requires operator support.

The instrument is a stand-alone measurement system that provides non-destructive, double seam inspection for round cans (aluminum or steel). The gauge performs both non-destructive cross-sectional measurements and a 360° tightness scan. The system provides faster inspection results, and reduced labor costs.

Cans are manually loaded into the device, then all measurements are performed automatically. Cans may be held for additional testing or be sent back into production. XTS virtual seam teardown technology provides highly accurate double seam inspection data, while dramatically reducing product spoilage.

Quality By Vision SEAMetal: Double Seam Inspection

The SEAMetal offers a repeatable and accurate double seam measurement system – with this instrument, you can determine faulty measurements and determine the root cause of any issues.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-learn, intelligent software
  • Uses advanced optical technology to offer a flexible approach to double seam testing
  • Includes HD camera to provide increased accuracy

The SEAMscan system is an affordable, high-resolution tool for double-seam inspection and measurement with SPC Reporting.

The instrument saves you time, offers the highest level of accuracy, and comes with customizable packages!

Key features:

  • Capture, measure, and save seam images in less than one second
  • Transfer data automatically
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Qualitative instruments

Learn about our process control seam inspection solutions!

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Eagle Vision In-line Vision Seam Inspection

The Eagle Vision in-line seam inspection instruments use advanced vision technology to perform seam inspection.

With this instrument, you can achieve better protection – because the equipment scans each and every can on the line. Significantly reduce risks by inspecting 100% of cans!

Key features:

  • Non-destructive and easy to use
  • Available for high-line speeds
  • Works alongside existing machinery
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About Industrial Physics

Your test and inspection partner

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At Industrial Physics, we’ve been providing test and inspection solutions to manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories across the world for almost 100 years. It’s our purpose to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands and products.

How do we do this? By providing the highest quality of test and inspection solutions that assure the quality of your packaging, materials, and products.

But for us, this is about more than just supplying you with testing equipment, it’s about being there for you as a full-solutions partner. Whatever your needs are, we’ll work with you to find the right option for your business.

We have a full team of experts to support you. We offer a full suite of solutions to cover an extensive range of testing requirements to ensure perfection in an aerosol can manufacturing.

It's our innate desire to continuously learn, innovate, and better ourselves that allows us to provide businesses across a diverse range of industries with the highest quality of test and inspection solutions possible.

Our experts are positioned across the world. And through our collective expertise, we're able to support the unique needs of our customers.

To find out more, just get in touch.

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